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About Us

From Vision to Reality

At Empire Solutions we are committed to a hands-on approach to managing your needs and achieving your strategic goals. Companies, governments, organizations, campaigns and personalities have trusted Empire Solutions to help turn vision into reality. We harness the talents of some of the nation's most accomplished corporate strategists, communications professionals, and public affairs specialists, to provide value-driven service and a high level expertise at lower cost. These professionals have faced some of the world’s most pressing challenges; they've stood under the microscope of media and the public and now stand ready help you grow your business.

Many firms often leave your needs in the hands of junior-level personnel. At Empire Solutions, everyone associated with your portfolio has senior level experience. From crisis management to communications and corporate strategy, we can help you face the future with confidence and resolve.

For us, it's about quality of service and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our ability to add real value to your operation by being accessible, responsive and informed about the internal and external factors that make your organization function, your industry, target audiences and changing objectives. We are mission-focused, enthusiastic and committed strategists who bring our passion to help you Harness the Power of Your Ideas.