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Media And Speaker Training

Say it Right.

Conveying your message successfully requires an understanding of how to articulate your message to the media including print, broadcast and digital journalists. Each medium is different and requires different skills from the spokesperson.

Empire Solutions will train you and your staff to handle the tough questions and convey your message with clarity and confidence. There are times when an in-depth answer to a question, is what the reporter might need. Other times only a sound-bite will do. Regardless, when it comes to speaking with the press, even one mistake can be damaging to your brand and bottom line. Capitalizing on earned media opportunities is absolutely vital to your success. It is your opportunity to reach potentially millions of people simultaneously.

We take the time to teach our clients what it will be like to be interviewed for everything from the local paper to the cable news show with the poise, personality and effectiveness that will make a positive impact on the audience. We have the experience with local, national and international media to turn you into a powerful mass communicator.

Command the Stage.

Once a message is developed it must be conveyed in palatable form to its intended audience. In short, it must be delivered with the right blend of passion and confidence to be credible. CEOs, managers, lawyers, advocates, and professional spokespersons can all use the critical ear and eye that comes with our training program.

At Empire Solutions we see public speaking as an art; one that unfortunately is mastered by few in today's world of sound bites. We also understand that public speaking frequently ranks among peoples' greatest fears. We have the expertise to train even the most apprehensive speaker to be an effective advocate for your cause.